Village Farms Shop Way Ahead Of Its Time

Whenever I think of farm shops, my mind takes me back to the village where I lived my most formative and investigative years.  We had two huge farms, not connected other than by their industry.   One of the farms had a shop in the front yard and it attracted quite a few visitors every weekend.  I recall it wasn’t open every day, I’m sure tit closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I’m guessing the thought was that enough fruit and veg would have been bought for the weekend and would be made to last.   Nothing was wasted in our household, so we wrapped new vegetables in newspaper to stop them getting bruised and our larder was fantastic – like a walk in fridge.  Anything stored in there would be good for days at a time due to the marble shelves and stone floor.  Todays families have the added bonus of being able to purchase anything they desire online.  Buying from your local farm shop, whether in person or on their online platform will help keep them in a village and suport the community twice over.