Turning Over A New Leaf – Getting Online Savvy

How we organise our Christmases is very varied amongst most families.  I have a sister in law who is very organised and gets into a complete fluff if she can’t control everything about her life – and if she can manage it, the lives of her immediate family too!  Her Christmas presents are all bought and wrapped before the end of August and her festive shopping list is checked and updated as the months go by – from 2nd January.  I jest not.  This woman is a very serious control freak and to me, takes the spontinaity out of the festive season.     There is a great deal to be said about being organised.  It is actually less stressful.  And I intend to start immediately after this Christmas is over!  I understand the way forward is to start with online shopping.  Getting a list of what needs buying throughout the year and setting reminders for those purchases.  Yes. My new beginning!