There’s Going Large & Then Some!

We all love the idea of getting a real bargain.  Well, nearly all of us.  I do know two ladies, not in any way connected, who don’t ever go to sales and happily, even boastfully pay for everything at absolutely maximum price.  I can’t help noticing that each of these ladies had very unfortunate start in life, coming from seriously poor backgrounds and living a hand to mouth existance for much of their early  years.  This may go some way to explaining their need to show off and prove their place in the world – not buying the same thing in the sale but by paying hundreds more for it, they’re saying they’ve made it big and are going to flaunt it!  I notice also that neither of these ladies has ever embraced the heady world of online shopping.  Both have rolled their eyes skywards whenever the subject has arisen,  the excuse being that they don’t want anyone stealing their credit details.  I think much more likely, they won’t have anyone to flaunt towards with that mega sized wallet!