The Best Way to Win an Online Auction

Online auction sites such as EBay are highly popular, and a great way to get products at cheaper costs than new, or in stores.  There is always the risk that you might not win the item, so if it is a really precious item that you really want to win, follow our tips below!

Start your bidding at a reasonable figure, but not too high.  You need to have some leaway with the price, so go with whatever the lowest price is which is suggested.  This could be as low as 99p if you are lucky!  Once you have set your first bid, it is definitely worth setting the maximum price you would be willing to pay – this allows EBay to bid on your behalf up to the value of your maximum bid.

Leave the auction to do it’s thing but set some sort of reminder when there is about 15 minutes left on the auction.  You want to be able to check out whether you are the winner still, or if someone has overtaken you!  If you have been outbid, you should place a further bid if you really want the item.  Keep in mind your maximum budget though!