Swapping To Online & Widening Product Ranges

A good business needs to be versatile and flexible.  There will always be times when customers are falling over themselves to co,e in and buy or click and order masses of things  you’ve introduced, then a lull comes and they don’t seem so enchanted.  This is always disappointing but the art is always to be ahead of the game and to be up front with the new ideas.   With the current global virus bringing everything to a juddering halt, businesses that adapt to their situation with say, onine shopping, when there is a major catastrope, being able to supply the very basics in various sizes will aid families.  Widening the range of products – farm shop products and general household larder items will be required online.  Any enterprise offering a range of foods that are fresh and with limited packaging will take assive orders online when there are panics in the large supermarkets, as we’ve suffered lately.  Online shopping cuts out this self centred selfish behaviour.