Summer Season Wardrobe Changes In A Trice

Ah the silly season has arrived!  Yes, all those days at glorious Goodwood or Sandown Park and who can forget the wonders of Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot.  I just love looking at the posh magazines after the event – they all send their top photographers and film crews to each event – particularly to catch the new generation ‘haves’ and the ‘would like to pretend we haves’.  The Royals support all kinds of events, particularly on days when there is a Brit taking part.  This year we have such a lot of choice – lots of events and masses of outfits to be looked at, tried on, whinnied over and eventually bought.  There is a simple way to achieve greatness – get browsing online and find the most wonderful selection of personalised shopping guidance.  If it’s colour selection or design, there will be an assistant to assist you and no need to worry about changing in front of folk!