Shopping On Budget Not On A Whim

It can be quite a daunting ask to get spending under control.  I know a young lass who had never had to budget finances during her growing up period.   So, when lassie went off to university, having to juggle and keep a balance sheet came as rather a shock.   This was not such a problem to her grandparent too in their day but because shopping used to cost the same amount week in and week out, the cost of living remained unaltered for years at a time, the shopper had an idea how much everything cost each time.  This can’t be said at all these days – there is no standard price for any commodity.  This is where shopping online is such a boon.  Having made the basic list of absolute essentials, such as the bread, pasta, tinned tomatoes, spuds etc. these  can be the building blocks and the odd luxury item added if any one of the basics is not needed one week.