Plastic Free Fruit & Veg Becoming My New Passion

My word it can be difficult trying to get green grocery products without a massive covering of plastic bag.  It doesn’t seema ll that long ago we could go to our local town market with the rows and rows of noisy bluff and bluster.  Stall holders would yell out their wares to attract attention and also out of sheer habit.   Their stalls were verylarge flat trays which sat on trestle tables – the trays raised at the back to make them display the goods invitingly.  always lots of shiny apples, pears, seasonabl fruits and masses of vegetables – also whatever was in season.  We have gotten used to being able to buy anything we fancy, when we fancy it.  That’s down to these celebrity chefs and their exotic ideas.  I take great joy these days of rturning to the humbler vegetale buying route of insisting on paper bags only – no plastics for me.  I only buy locally where I can too.   Save my fruit & veg footprints..