Physical To Virtual – Shopping Footfall Has Changed

One of the odd things about having a global pandemic that has literally hit every corner of the world is how it has made us review our socialising and shopping habits.   This is very relevant where there are youngsters in the house.  Youngsters who are turning 18 this year . . . .  whereas they’d be out there having a right old rave up, this is not possible and they are having to find new ways to celebrate such milestones.  There are many social media platforms of course and they’re very used to swapping ideas.  Online shopping outlets are one of the positive things about the pandemic lockdown style restrictions.  Some of them have gone from strength to strength – the realisation that shopping habits have had to change much quicker means that footfall through physical shopping malls has slowed down but virtual footfall has increased beyond anyone’s imagination.   Whatever the product, there is an outlet for it somewhere and with competition being so great amongst home deliveries, these services have improved immeasurably too.