Organised Holiday Preparations Take Away Stress

When the holiday season approaches, and in fact, that can be any time of the year now, there is such a lot to think about – clothes to take, what to pack them in, toiletries, sun protection, passports, tickets, money etc. etc.  it can be quite exhausting before you even get past the booking stage.  When I go for my annual jaunt to the med, I don’t have to prepare too much these days as I tend to keep that clothing in a separate room.  its not skimpy but it is more suited to the very hot weather over there and I don’t have to dash from wardrobe to wardrobe when packing.  After each holiday, I launder everything and simply hang it in that wardrobe, where it stays the rest of the year.   I can buy any other needs online and immediately pop them in the suitcase ready.   Down to a very fine art, as they say.