Ordering Online Christmas Dinner – Just In Case

I had the good fortune to be invited out for the whole of the Chistmas period.  This was arranged months ago in the spring time.  All I found I needed to take were  a home made choc gateaux, homemade apple pie or crumble and a couple of dozen mince pies.   This was fine thought I, no need to to buy lots of stuff in to my house as I won’t be eating it . . . .   Well fate has a truly bizarre way of dealing with events I have to say.  I toddled off to the venue as arranged on Christmas eve.  Nothing seemed in any way untoward, we all had fun playing various board games and we watched some catch up tv.  Then Christmas morning, I’d come down with the most ghastly viral matter.  It was truly embarragssing for me but no one else seemed to mind a bit.   I went home earlier than I might have nd wrapped myself up in duvet and howard bottle.  How I wish I’d ordered in a christmas dinner, just in case!