Online Ordering & Delivery So Good Over Here

I have had all sorts of fun and games trying to source a very particular birthday present.    It’s for an eight year old boy who lives in the US – now that is a challenge.  I could of course buy through the biggest online site on the planet, by using their local site but this has proven to be a most unsatisfactory experience in past years.  They don’t seem to have a fraction of the products I find over here – strange because most of the goods are geared for that market.  However, when I order on my US account, they invariably cobble up my order or don’t put the greeting inside.  I also don’t like that the delivery drivers never knock to deliver, they sling the packages over the fence towards the front door.   The recipient’s parents have a verandah, so the packages announce their arrival with a thud against the railings.   In the end I ordered some fun garments for the lad from a top person’s UK shop with local collection the next day.  Fantastic service and no cost for carriage.