Online Delivery or Click & Collect – Both Booming

It’s amazing how in a relatively few short weeks, our whole existance has been changed.   Most families would usually do one or two major shops a week – from a supermarket.   With restrictions still very much in place, it has been down to one parent at a time doing the shop load.  Each store has had to implement strict social distancing with markers to remind shoppers where to stand and how not to encroach on fellow buyers.  Just getting in to the stores is a major opertion sometimes with queues into the car parks, then another queue with trolley just to get into the store.   So many families have taken to online shopping – every major food store has got a system and if not being actually delivered by van, then shoppers  can opt for click and collect.  This is a relatively new idea here, where you place  your order and then select a time to go to the store’s collection point.   There is a problem currently with so many new customers trying these out that slots are not being made available – too much custom.  A nice problem!