Local Producers Co-Operatively Speaking

There are some super farm shop co-operatives around the country now – at one time this sort of activity would have marked one out as a bit strange, maybe a tree-hugger, or very snooty and full of one upmanship.   Nothing could be further from the truth in actual fact.  Where farms are diversifying, out of need to use their land and resources more effectively, there are very often small business enterprises on the doorstep who are looking or an appropriate outlet but can’t afford to set one up.  Maybe a local crafter;  someone who makes unique  designs but needs to have a busy outlet to promote and get interest.  If these industries can combine, with maybe a small cafe using produce from the farm and locally made linens and table wear, this is a form of co-operative.  Local wine and beer makers could be on board too.  Manna from heaven indeed!