Jingling Tills Giving Way To Contactless Tapping

Funny how we still refer to the jingle of tills at Christmas time as being as a good thing – properity is in the air when the major stores report a successful profitable christmas season.  Of course, we only hear this by about easter, when the first quarter’s profits are published.  Strangely we talk about jingling of money.  That’s about the last thing we actually hear now.  So few folk carry money around – we use our credit and debit cards.  I do, all the time.  As soon as I hear the total, I know instantly that I’ll touch the screen with my card if it’s under £30.  I don’t even think about it, the mental process works as soon as the figure is announced.  It’s a real bonus for those of us with a card for which we’ve forgotten the pin.  We can use it contactless for all those little purchases.  It does make buying a little too easy though!