Jaded Shopping Palette Rejuvinated Online

Just the thought of thronging through a busy but soaking wet and cold high street these days is enough to stop me wanting to replace or buy anything ever again.  I Never used to mind all that much when the shops had some glamour and more than a touch of bustle about them.  Now though, the magic seems to have diappeared, the stock seems much the same in all of them.  I go into one ladies’ store, there are the winter collection of jumpers, all in this year’s dictated colour scheme.  Nothing feels quite right enough to pay eye watering amounts for.  So into the next store along and hey, aren’t these the same jumpers, just slightly different finish – but identical colours.  So now that I have a more jaded palette so I buy almost everything online.  The giftware is exsquisite and I can choose in the quiet calm of my home – no rush buys against the clock either!