Helping The Elders Overcome Christmas Woes

Festive seasons of all descriptions puts the anxiety levels up for many folk – particularly the older members of a community.  Shops are doing their best to attract customers but it is still very challenging.  When folk can’t get out and about as easily as they used to, an air of depression seems to sink in and Christmas just becomes another huge worry to them.   This is where children, grandchildren in fact, can be most helpful.  Knowing Gran or Grandpa struggle to get out, they can lend a hand.  Arranging to take them to a venue like a garden centre, well stocked with all manner of festive items.   As an example, I took a very aged aunt out the other week.  She’d not been able to go shopping for weeks and relied on family for everyday groceries.  But Christmas was coming and panic was overtaking her.  We had a splendid time in fact, lunch at the little grotto cafe first then with detailed list in hand, we toured the wonderful displays and got 90% of it in one hit.   Once back home, restorative cuppa in hand, I logged on to my favourite online site and organised the remainder of her list.  She was agog with fascination at the ease of this process!