Flowers By Post Service Truly Excels

I had the most wonderful surprise last week.  I was happily tapping away at the keyboard, finishing an article for instant posting, when my doorbell rang.  A long shrill squeal piercing the hitherto silence.  The postman proferred a long pink box that quite clearly announced I’d been sent flowers by post.  This was so exciting – however the box was so well wrapped that it did take me most of a morning to undo all the various staes.  The idea is that these boxes aer compact in deptch and width so should fit through a standard letterbox.  Wouldn’t goe through mine but then . . .  The actual flowers are too incredible to be true.  Admittedly the blooms being indiidually wrapped in sleeves and layers of special breathable tissue does look offputting at first.  However a little note pups up saying  Shhhs, your flowers are sleeping – please be quiet and wake them gently!  Full instructions come in a dear little 6 page booklet – with just as many hints for after care.  This is a truly awe pnspiring project.  If only every mail orer product came with that much care an attention – Britain could be leaders, the world over!