Online FarmShop Beyond Spuds & Sprouts

Ahh the sight of a proper till with money in it and that catchy thwack that tells you to get your fingers out of the way of it’s mechanics.  Who can’t fail to remember that wonderful comedy with R B. . .  there are still corner shops in every old street but so few of them carry that incredible stock of miscellaneous fire lighters, bags of coal, washing whitener and all those strange contraptions for cleaning the house.  Mops, buckets, packets cleaning cloths and clothes pegs.   The wonder of that tiny emporium is replicated every day online.  Every time we log onto the big superstore in the universe and make a search for whatever it we need.  But we can support our own local shops in the same way – just by taking a good look at what they have to offer.  Most of them have links to online stores now and it keeps them alive.  All sorts of gems are available from my local farm store.  Not just the spuds and sprouts as their notice proudly proclaims! They offer country clothing, shoe repairs, pet supplies and every manner of household requisite.  I love surfing local!