Farm Shops Doesn’t Mean Just Wonky Carrots

Whenever we think of the word Farmshop, thoughts of home grown carrots, wonky and wonderful and battered looking spuds come to mind.  But in this picky day and age, the modern farm shop has had to diversify into a multi streamed organic outlet that stocks anything and everything.  The discerning shopper goes out on a Sunday with no intention of over spending, what they want is something truly beautiful, locally manufactured, completely organic, no animal useage and all for tuppence halfpenny!

There are a couple of farm shops in my vicinity – they are fantastic places to spend a couple of hours.  One concentrates more on the luxury brand end of sunday shopping – i.e. expensive clothing boutique, hand made paper, hand made herb products, hand made everything.    Online there is a tremendous range of goods reflect the art of the countryside.  Wools and yarns and all the acoutriments – fantastic!