Dedicated Farm Shops Widen My Food Choices

I have a really long standing pal who now lives abroad – in a particularly nice part of a mediterranean isle. She can go down to her local supermarket – to shop for fruit and vegetables and there is a wonderful choice throughout the year.  I am never bored with doing the weekly shopping run when I go over for my annual two week pilgrimage.  What I lke the most is the wide range of produce – much of it is locally grown and sourced, but even the imported fare is really fresh and inviting.

I find my weekly trawl down at my supermarket far less inspiring.  So much is imported now and everything is plastic wrapped, and uniform size.   I have now found solace in online shopping for my fruit and veg and in fact, almost everything I need to buy.  The choice is wonderful and I now eat a much wider range than I would have tried previously.