Changing Shopping Patterns To Suit Rules

We’ve had this latest restriction to movement for many weeks now.  In fact the lastest regime started just after Christmas and as we’re approaching mid February ow, it’s been a while.  so we’re not allowed to travel out of our area for anything unless critically urgent.  No meeting up for lazy shopping sprees with pals.  So our retail experiences have been taking a bit of a thud.  The way to counteract this is to decide what we would normally want to buy on these sprees and find alternatives online.  There are some great sites available now that will do your clothes selection and send a box of 5 or 6 items every month, with a stylist’s view on your needs.  If you want to keep them all there’s a goodly discount but so far I’ve found at least one item to keep in each box.   Sending stuff back is a chore though – probably doesn’t qualify as essential journey, but needs must.