Author: Mark

  • Online Purchases So Free Of Shopper Tantrums

    You can just imagine the old codger of a shopkeeper in the sitcom ‘open all hours’.  He was cantankerous and a tad mischievous, if not downright evil at times!   Always on the lookout to extract another shekel or two out of his band of loyal but somewhat hapless customers.  Stores these days have to ensure […]

  • Changing Shopping Patterns To Suit Rules

    We’ve had this latest restriction to movement for many weeks now.  In fact the lastest regime started just after Christmas and as we’re approaching mid February ow, it’s been a while.  so we’re not allowed to travel out of our area for anything unless critically urgent.  No meeting up for lazy shopping sprees with pals.  […]

  • Adding Bon Homme and Christmas Cheer

    As the festive season approaches and with it the need of inspiration for the nightmare of gift buying,  I look to local sources and usually find plenty at the local garden centre.  They always have very bright and dazzling displays of ornamental trees bedecked with a thousand lights and glass baubles of every shape, colour […]