Apps For Life’s Needs & Adventures

I am of the generation that is slowly becoing used to the online revolution for everything.  I do rebel occasionally and go to my local mall – just to see fellow humans!  However, I was staying in the states the other week and my host family are used to life online.  The grocery shopping was so simple.  One large chain of fresh food suppliers has a depot fairly near them and after ordering everything, very easily, on their online listing system, we checked our schedules and booked a collection time.  This is the different that I could see, you go to collect from their depot rather than the depot come to you.  Everything is done via their cell phones.  Payment, check in for collection.  The store attendants bring out trolleys laden with your order, all packed in paper sacks.  They load up the boot and off you go.    Getting a car to take me anywhere was easy peasy too.  An app on my phone with their home address was a doddle and the drivers were all very nice.  Simples!