Adding Bon Homme and Christmas Cheer

As the festive season approaches and with it the need of inspiration for the nightmare of gift buying,  I look to local sources and usually find plenty at the local garden centre.  They always have very bright and dazzling displays of ornamental trees bedecked with a thousand lights and glass baubles of every shape, colour and size.  There used to be a fantastic family run garden centre in the next village.  Their Christmas displays were always tasteful and very carefully balanced – I can’t remember ever coming home and thinking it had been tawdry or tacky.   In recent years however, the desire to outdo the neighbours with strings of exterior lights and flashing roof decals, every road resembles Blackpool illuminations.   There are thousands of outlets for online shopping  and many sell the awful cheap, tacky stuff made in the far east.    However, with restrictions on movement and shopping for ‘non essentials’ having been banned, many families  have made valient efforts to inject some Peace and Goodwill into their displays and are doing all their buying of everything online.