Adapting To New Life Norms Following Shutdowns

The strange happenings globally have meant a great deal of our shopping has been coming from online sources.  In fact it’s one of the hot topics whenever I’ve been in contact with my social group – who gets this delivery and who’s experienced others.   I have not ventured in the direction of food deliveries yet as I’ve been able to get out to the stores very easily and I’m not self shielding.  For families who do have a vulnerable dependant, the rise in the online shopping opportunities has been an absolute boon.  Not only the everyday groceries sorted and brought to the door, but all manner of household and craft goods, gardening and pet care things are also now advertised a lot.   I’ve also seen a local pub that had been shut for the pandemic was advertising their cakes and puddings available in takeaway form and with local paid for delivery to those less mobile.  It’s all a case of  adapting to the changes in our lifestyle according to government dictates and our own common sense.